The Ultimate How-To: Delivering Structured Literacy

Okay so hopefully you read the last blog, over here, all about What Structured Literacy is... and you know


...and you're ready to dive in.

But you're feeling overwhelmed because it was a lot of information and while it all seems good you really still are looking for the nitty-gritty details and you need more background.

Well my friends, you are in luck - because we know that you're an amazing literacy instructor - or can be - whether you are a reading specialist, a speech pathologist, an interventionist, a teacher, or an excited parent of a struggling reader.

This week we are walking you through all 7-steps of SMARTER Intervention so that you can deliver instruction you feel confident about every single day!!!

If you've never joined us before - we will be walking you through this process step-by-step for 6-days via email talking about our missteps and mistakes so you don't have to make them too.

We know how hard you work, we don't want you to work harder - you can work SMARTER and get the same or better results in less time.

So we want to be very clear...SMARTER Intervention does NOT mean YOU should be SMARTER, far from - you're brilliant, we know this. What it means is that your intervention itself can work SMARTER such that you are getting those life-changing results in literacy performance you've been looking for.

So grab the SMARTER Intervention Blueprint and be on your way to delivering AMAZING literacy results! You can find our FREE 6-day training sign up here!

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