Tiered Levels of Instruction Freebie

Happy Freebie Friday!

If you are looking for an easy way to track your readers’ data and form small groups, here is an easy tool that will save the day! Use the Diamond Tip sheet to sort your students by a single data point. You can use the DRA level, STAR test level, iReady score, etc. Plot students on the Diamond Tip sheet as they fall into the categories On Grade-Level, Below Grade-Level, and Above Grade-Level. This will automatically inform you of their Tier and help you see which group they belong in for small ability based group instruction.

For more information, click here to see a short video explaining how to plot your students and their data point. You can also find a more detailed blog on this freebie here.

This Diamond Tip sheet can make forming fluid groups fast and easy. It also gives you a quick snapshot of your student’s individual performance in relation to their peers and grade-level expectations.

Darn, you missed it! This freebie has expired.

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