Transition Word Multi-level Writing Resource

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Something I notice with a lot of my kids is that they will have great ideas but it is hard for them to transition from one to the next.  Some of them want to use the same transition word over, and over, and over again.  Others haven't built up a mental word-bank of transition words yet and simply don't know what word to use.  This resource has made all the difference for them because it puts all of the words they could need at their fingertips.


1. When printing this multi-level resource we typically print it single sided.  This allows the students to be able to write hints on the back of their cards.  These can be definitions, example sentences, or instructions on how to use it.  

2. As students learn new transition words, they get to add them to their ring.  This resource is multi-level.  Our youngest writers will receive words like "first", "also" and "in conclusion," while our older writers should be using words like "above all else" and "sequentially."

3.  Students should use this resource while they are writing to help them produce appropriate transition words in order to generate well-written sentences/paragraphs. 

4.  We also use this tool as more than just a reference list.  Since the deck is comprehensive and includes a variety of different kinds of transition words (introductory, comparative, etc.) we will have the students take the words off of the ring and sort them.  This helps them to develop an understanding as to what words should be used when.  It also makes it into a game which helps their level of engagement. 

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