Using Stories to Guide Literacy Instruction

So we love nothing more than pairing structured, systematic learning with reading that's actually fun! Using storybooks to ground instruction can be so powerful, especially for our early readers.

For our early readers, we like to focus on developing the skills needed to set a strong foundation for reading and writing.

Typically we start by reading the book aligned with our planned activities. As we are reading we are always thinking about pointing out sounds and letters that our students should be familiar with. We are also asking questions, "How do you think Little Billy Goat Gruff is feeling right now?", "What do you think might happen next?" "What lesson do you think could be learned from this story?"

We always want to make sure that reading is an active process and not just a passive experience for our early readers. After reading the story we jump into our activities. For this particular storybook unit, we practice with writing warm-up activities, counting syllables, and memory with initial sounds, which is great for sound identification and to support those early spatial memory skills, we love activities that support multiple learning targets! We also target final sound identification and blending phonemes which are great phonological awareness and beginning decoding activities.

Finally, we practice comparative concepts which are helpful in developing the language skills that are necessary to become a successful reader and student and we practice vocabulary development and basic comprehension to remind students that reading is not a passive process.

Rather, it's a process in which we need to spend a great deal of thought and effort in order to get the most out of it.  And, if you need to get the book, you can get it on Amazon by clicking on the image of the book (full disclaimer we do have an affiliate link for the book (which means we get a tiny portion of the sale at no extra cost to you, and clearly we wouldn't recommend it if we didn't obviously love it ourselves!).

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