Vowel Team Anchor Chart

Happy Freebie Friday, everybody! We hope you all have had an awesome week and are looking forward to a break this weekend.  To make this week even sweeter, we are giving you ANOTHER anchor chart, perfect to help your students remember their syllable type rules. 

This week, our anchor chart is for the Vowel Team Syllable Type.  This is when we have two vowels (and sometimes a vowel and a w) that work together to make one sound.  Think of words like soup, rain, key, bread, etc. For more information about this syllable type, check out our latest blog here.

Just like all of our Syllable Type Anchor Charts this month, you have a few options of how to use them.  You can print them large and hang them in your classroom or office for everyone to see, you can print them on regular paper and put them in your student binder/materials, or, you can print them out small, laminate them and put them on a ring for students to keep in their desks. 

Now, if I am being honest, vowel teams are TRICKY.  Especially for our struggling students.  There are some that both say the same thing (i.e. ai and ay) and others that make multiple sounds (ou, oo, ea, etc). The anchor chart gives you the rule overview, which will be really helpful as students progress through these lessons.  We also recommend relying heavily on visual cues and key phrases.  For example, ou makes two sounds.  We use the key phrase trout soup to help our students remember them, and, have them color in a picture of a trout and a bowl of soup at the beginning of that lesson. 

Oh rats, this freebie has expired.

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