Vowels Visual Anchor

Happy Freebie Friday! This month we are focusing on ways to cement strategies taught during intervention. All month long we will be providing tips and free resources to help your students get the most out of what your teaching them. We hope you're as excited as we are!

Vowels Visual Anchor

This week’s freebie is a Vowels Visual Anchor. We love this resource because it is helpful for our students when they are trying to recall their vowel sounds. While they are often successful recognizing vowel sounds in isolation they often struggle to recall the sounds within their words.


If you are a teacher, this would be a great resource to give to your student's parents, especially if you are seeing their child struggle with decoding words while reading, or if the student is still working on strengthening their sound symbol knowledge. By utilizing this anchor you can quickly point out to students the picture cue to see if that helps.

As students get more proficient you can cover the picture and try just using the keyword. Once they don't need the keyword you can cover that and just show them the visual code (breves and macrons for example). Ideally they will get to the point where they don't need any support at all!

If you are a parent, this is a great resource to have out when your child is reading in case they begin to struggle decoding a word. We know that vowels are the toughest part of decoding because it is hard to know what sounds they make - there are so many possible sounds! This Freebie is helpful because it will provide your child with a visual reminder of each vowel and the associated sounds.


Oh rats, this freebie has expired.

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