A Break from ALL the Things

Every single Friday we come to you with new resources you can implement in your intervention session. But, this week….we wanted to do something a little different.

If you’re on our email list you know that we just did a 7 Days of Love and Freebies series and we know that if you’re anything like us…you’ve saved those to your inbox because you’re excited to use them and are going to print them off and laminate them just as soon as you have a chance. You are, right?!

But, we also know it can be overwhelming - when you have all the things you want to be doing for your students but you’re also absolutely exhausted by all of those things.

And if you read our blog about the R in SMARTER Intervention, you know that a huge part of what we believe is that your intervention needs to be realistic - you need to find time for yourself, you need to take back your nights and your weekends. Quit stressing because your students need you and you can’t pour from an empty cup.

It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to get to Friday and think hallelujah - it’s the weekend. You’re not alone. We LOVE our job, so much so that sometimes it truly doesn’t feel like working. But other days, oh other days it DEFINITELY feels like working.

So this week, we wanted to give you a break from all the resources, an opportunity for a breather and a reminder that no matter what you’re doing - no matter what games/activities/etc you have, it’s perfect. You don’t need every activity under the sun to be good at your job.

And right now, in our office we are in an organization and decor phase. Trying to find “home” in this space we’ve been in for almost a year now (but seriously where has this academic year gone?!?). And in all of that we’ve been trying to find inspiration to remind us to keep going and to remind our students to keep going and so this Friday we just wanted to share that with you. Click here to download!!!

We’ve got some amazing data tracking, centers resources, and vowel teams resources up our sleeve for you this spring so get excited.

Corey PollardComment