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Do you ever emerge from your literacy block feeling exhausted and like the entire thing was a blur!? That block is fast and furious and there is so much instruction to pack into a small amount of time! If you haven't read our blog on How to Organize Your Structured Literacy Block, you can find it here!

I have tried a million different schedules, workshop models, center rotations, and small group instruction plans over the years and feel your pain!

This Suggested Schedule Freebie can be the answer to all of your scheduling woes. This aligns perfectly with a Structured Literacy approach and SMARTER Intervention lessons.

These schedules walk you through how to deliver instruction to the whole group on a universal level as well as how to differentiate the target syllable type and phonogram for your ability based small groups.

Each component of a SMARTER Intervention is numbered. This helps you see the varied activities/targets that make up Structured Literacy and it helps you easily break a lesson up into manageable chunks. This is especially helpful when you only have 20 minutes with a small group!

You will note that there are three different groups referred to in the Suggested Small Group plan. Group A is geared towards your below grade level readers, Group B is for your on grade level readers, and Group C is for those students above grade level reading expectations.

You will see that there are certain elements of a SMARTER Intervention lesson plan that you will repeat each day. It is important that you don’t skip these pieces. Components like the sound drill and Phonemic Awareness warm ups are essential – especially for our impacted readers.

I love using these schedules in conjunction with each other because it aligns my instruction for my students. I’m not feeling scattered trying to teach different phonetic rules or different concepts. I can really focus on going deep with one syllable type and one phonogram at a time, and this ensures that my instruction is systematic and cumulative.

Oh rats, this freebie has expired.

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