All students deserve the right to be successful academically. We pinpoint underlying causes of academic-related difficulty through diagnostic evaluations and develop specific plans to increase academic outcomes.

You want to have a bigger role in your child's future. You know your child's education can significantly impact how his or her future unfolds.

If you're tired of feeling like a bystander in your child's education...

Contact us we can help.

When you work with Ascend, you become a part of our family.

Together, we will get the answers you need. We will lay out the next steps. We can help put you back in the forefront of designing the future you know your child is capable of.

Imagine your child has confidence. The spark you've always known is back.

You feel relieved. There's no guilt. No worry. No feelings of inadequacy.

All of this...

...Because you've decided to step up, to take action and change the direction for your child's future.


We are offering intensive summer learning support in Reading Fluency and Comprehension strategies as well as "Learning to Learn" or Executive Functioning strategies. CLICK HERE to Learn More. Space is limited so register now to guarantee your spot!

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