Research-Based Reading Intervention

Is not knowing keeping you up at night?

You’re wondering why your child is struggling.

You wonder…

… If you've done something wrong.
… If you should have been more involved even though everyone kept saying your child was "fine".
… If you should have pushed homework harder.

It's unlikely any of these are actually the case, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to not knowing.


… You've tried reaching out to the school, and you still have questions.

…Your child's teacher told you that everything was "fine" but you have a nagging feeling that it's not.

… You've been told that your concerns are not something the school is able to discuss.

At the end of the day, You just know somethings not right...

Schoolwork is taking so much longer than it should and you know your child is incredibly bright - you see evidence of his or her brilliance all the time. If only you knew what was really going on.

We know the ache of “not knowing” and we’re here to help.

We provide assessments that will answer your questions once and for all and set you in the right direction.

With an assessment…

  • You will better understand the cause of your child’s struggle through insight into your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

  • You will be able to help your child use his or her strengths to overcome any area of difficulty by understanding what type of support will be most effective.

  • You will have a concrete, research-based game plan on how to move forward.

  • You will learn whether your child has dyslexia or dysgraphia which will give a name to what he or she already knows to be true and may allow your child to qualify for services from the school or other programs.

  • We will support you in talking to your child so that he or she knows nothing is "wrong" and they’re not alone.


How does an assessment work?


Call us or email us and let us know about your concerns so we can help determine the best approach for your child's evaluation. We offer several options for testing based on your specific needs.


We will send you an electronic questionnaire to gather more information about your child. We ask that you complete the paperwork before your session.


You and your child will come into the office where your child will complete the one-on-one testing session. This appointment typically takes between 2 and 4 hours. (Not local? No problem! Contact us and we can create an individualized assessment plan.)


You will receive a comprehensive report outlining relevant background information, testing results, and recommendations before coming back for a parent session where we will discuss results and next steps.


But you’re not just getting an assessment…

An assessment with one of our professionally trained literacy professionals will really give you…

  • The ability to sleep better at night because you have answers. You know the root cause of your child's learning struggle and have a game plan for how to move forward.

  • The opportunity to help your child begin to understand his or her struggle. We all have mountains to climb, identifying the mountain is the first step toward progress.

  • Concrete data to help you and your child's school understand how he or she learns best.


What is the investment?

We have two options for assessments:

1. Literacy Only Evaluation

We will assess your child’s performance as it relates to language skills, reading, writing, and all of the foundational skills necessary to support grade-level reading and writing. This evaluation is used to determine whether your child has dyslexia (specific reading disorder) and/or dysgraphia (specific writing disorder). - $550

2. Comprehensive Evaluation

We will assess your child’s performance using a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate cognitive ability, comprehensive language ability, reading, writing, and math skills. This evaluation is used to provide you all the information you need to plan academically for your child and to determine whether your child has dyslexia (specific reading disorder), dysgraphia (specific writing disorder), dyscalculia (specific mathematics disorder), and/or a language disorder or executive functioning disorder. - $850

dyslexic child struggling to read and write

We custom tailor your evaluation so we don’t miss anything and we always take into consideration all other testing that you may already have.


We know it can be scary to make such a significant investment…

You might be thinking…

"What if nothing is wrong and I'm making mountains out of molehills?"

or "What if my child just needs more time and it will all click eventually?"

But here’s the truth…

  • You're here because you are concerned.

  • Your intuition rarely leads you astray.

  • Not knowing your child's academic strengths and weaknesses could result in lost time… significantly impacting your child’s future.

Plus… how many sleepless nights have you already lost worrying about this?

parent helping their struggling reader learn how to read and write confidently

It’s time.

Time to help your struggling reader show the world what they’re capable of…

No more waiting for tomorrow or for next school year.
You’ve got everything you need right now to change their life forever.

We promise, you’ll sleep better knowing.