Here are some resources we love:


International Dyslexia Association- a wonderful resource with local branches to learn more about resources in your specific area.

Children & Adults with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) - a resource with great information on ADHD.

Florida Center for Reading Research - this is an incredible resource with free activities listed by reading category for parents and educators.

Understood - a parent resource with good information on learning and attention issues.

Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) - know your rights under section 504.

Wrights Law - more information about your legal rights as a parent of a child with a learning disorder.

Yellow Pages for Kids - a great resource in finding local help to support you in advocating for your child.

Apps (For Early Literacy):

Letter School - This is such a fun way to learn correct letter formation.

Starfall ABCs - This is a fun introductory app, I also love that it now has all the signs for visual phonics as well.

Starfall Learn to Read - I love the organization of this app and the division into the different vowel sounds and syllable types.

Reading Raven - This is a fun progressive app that teaches many of the core components to decoding.

BOB Books - Another way to access the tried and true "BOB" Book series.

Pocket Phonics - This is a wonderful app that incorporates letters and words at an individualized pace.

Short Vowel Word Study - A great spelling activity at the CVC stage with a solid background to teaching.

Apps (For School-Aged Readers)

K12 Timed Reading and Comprehension - This is a great app for developing reading fluency.

Sight Words - A great customizable & FREE sight word app.

One Minute Reader - A wonderful reading fluency app by Read Naturally.

Brain Pop - This is a great app for building background knowledge to help support reading comprehension, they have great short videos about...well, just about everything!

Long Vowel Word Study - This is a wonderful follow-up to the Short Vowel Word Study for older children working on more complex spelling patterns in an app that organizes spelling levels in a systematic and sequential approach, how amazing!

Sight Word Ninja - Kids in my sessions love this app! Much like Fruit Ninja but with the added benefit of fun sight word practice.

Apps (For Math)

Mathmateer - This is a fun game which allows you to build a rocket as you build math facts fluency.

Virtual Manipulatives - This is a great app for providing a more concrete visual to sometimes abstract mathematic terms.

Math Ninja - This is a great app, just like Fruit Ninja, but with the addition of educational value and math fluency practice.

Mod Math - This is a great free app for older students needing help organizing their math problems.


LiveScribe Pen - We often recommend this amazing smart pen for children in 6th grade and above to help with note taking. This pen is an audio recorder with an infrared sensor that allows students to write one or two pieces of key information and record the rest of the teacher's presentation on audio. Here is a video of the pen in action.

Reading Pen - These pens are amazing for the reader who still struggles decoding more complex words and would like to be able to read more complex text more fluently. It allows the text to be enlarged or read aloud and syllabicated (breaks the words into syllables).

Kidspiration - Inspiration - This software acts as an amazing graphic organizer. This is wonderful for math and writing support for the more visual learner. They also have apps for the iPad.