Math Support

We provide math support for students who struggle with dyscalculia (specific mathematics disorders) or who struggle with working memory and/or attention issues that cause difficulty with fact retention and multi-step problem solving.

Students who struggle with dyscalculia often need a more explicit curriculum with hands-on materials in order to understand the underlying concepts of mathematic operations. Explicit and direct instruction that is provided in a linear and sequential fashion based on complete mastery of a concept is typically a better fit than spiraling programs that move quickly from one concept to the next and then "spiral" back around for review.

Our Program

We use Multisensory Math Programs

  • Programs like Touch Math and MathUSee can make a big difference for children who fail to grasp the larger concept of mathematic operations. The addition of the kinesthetic (touch) component creates an additional neural pathway for retaining facts.

  • Students with specific difficulties in math also benefit from an "Orton-Gillingham" approach in that the material is provided in an explicit manner, following a specific order of material that is taught to mastery. Spiraling programs or language heavy programs are often not good for students with specific learning deficits but are largely recognized in the general curriculum.

Denver Dyscalculia Tutoring

Who We Support

While we are happy to show your student how to use the skills we are teaching to their in-class concepts our philosophy is to teach the skills in a new, different, and meaningful way. So the concepts we are working on in therapy may not always align with the school's curriculum.

We work with students who are struggling to grasp concepts that are taught in the traditional manner.