Online Therapy Option FAQs

What is Telepractice?

The term "telepractice" is used to describe an online delivery of therapy. The only difference between telepractice and one-on-one or small group therapy is that the service is delivered through a telecommunication platform (such as Skype, Zoom, etc). Essentially, we are using technology to connect your learning therapist with your child. This allows us to serve families in a convenient manner without the need to bring your child to our physical location.

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Is Telepractice Effective?

Absolutely! A great deal of research has been conducted on the efficacy of online therapy across many different settings. Many of the studies conducted on speech-language therapy efficacy actually showed that telepractice was more effective than therapy occurring in an in-person one-on-one setting. Surprisingly, in many cases, we have found this to be true of students working with Ascend Learning & Educational Consulting as well. Check out this research article "making the case for a new therapy model".

Because of the technology component, we have found many students to be more engaged in the learning process. Students are able to manipulate the screen and materials in much the same way they do during in-person sessions. While the delivery of the session is slightly different, the material presented is exactly the same as the material presented in our in-person sessions!

How Does Telepractice Work?

At Ascend, we use Zoom video conferencing which is available to download for free to your computer. We then send you a meeting invite with a personal code to connect with us. Most students in third grade and above are able to navigate this process completely independently.

What Equipment Do I Need?

In order to be eligible for telepractice you need access to:

  • A device with a webcam and speaker. While desktops are certainly preferable to tablets, we have used internet-capable tablet devices (iPads, Chrome Books, etc) to conduct therapy where necessary.
  • A stable internet connection. For best connectivity, we suggest being connected through a land-connection. While wifi works most of the time, it can create slower response times and lagging so if at all possible we recommend a land-connection.

Who Will Work With My Child?

Rest assured that you will be working with the same clinicians as you would be working with in an in-person format and we never contract out our online services to another company.

During our math sessions - we often display short videos by Mr. Steve Demme, the creator of Math-U-See which is the program we use. However, we are manipulating these videos in order to allow for a truly engaging and interactive lesson.

What if I am not Sure if this will work for my child?

While telepractice is a fantastic option for therapy, we understand it may not work for everyone. We would be happy to schedule a brief trial session to see whether this option might work for your family.