Training & Resources

It's extremely difficult to meet the needs of ALL of your struggling readers. They all struggle for different reasons and need explicit instruction in different areas.

How on earth do you make that happen in the slivers of time you have available to plan?

We get it - you're sticking planning for your sessions in between writing IEPs or treatment plans, between progress monitoring, between pushing into the classroom or taking calls, between actually seeing your students - testing and providing intervention...

There's good news, it doesn't have to be so difficult. Join us for training and done-for-you resources so that you can provide massive results for your students without spending all of your nights and weekends to make it happen.

Goal Setting

Set Measurable Goals

One of the most important aspects of delivering high quality intervention is having strong goals for your treatment plan or IEP. We provide comprehensive training around setting measurable goals and then tracking data effectively and efficiently.

Lesson Outline

Follow a structured plan

Generating massive results relies on having a structured plan you can follow that hits on each of the core components of the literacy processing triangle (sound structure, print structure, and meaning structure of our language).

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Make it exciting

Engagement is one of the key components of successful intervention. Students learn best when they are excited about the content and when they don't realize they are learning. We love incorporating games and fun activities into our intervention.