Executive Functioning Support

Children often struggle in school not because they are lazy, but because they lack the skills necessary to be effective in the classroom and when completing homework.

Our Program

We offer both individual and group sessions that focus on developing the necessary "executive functioning skills" students need to be successful.

We focus on teaching skills related to:


Including the ability to plan short and long term goals and assignments.


Including getting materials to and from school necessary for homework assignments, backpack organization, etc.

Time Management

Including the ability to estimate how long a certain task or assignment will take so that you can plan appropriately.

Task Initiation

Learning how to get started on a task that seems daunting or overwhelming by breaking it down into small manageable chunks.

Sustained Attention

Learning how to stay motivated when a task seems boring or is "non-preferred".

Working Memory

Strategies on getting information to stick so that it can be retrieved later.


Learning to check in to determine whether an answer is reasonable or makes sense and checking written work.


Learning strategies to keep working on a task that is frustrating or overwhelming.

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