Kind Words…

I love the fact that my son enjoys going to his therapy sessions. The sessions are fun, use relevant materials, and are high-interest, which maintains engagement and retention of information taught.
— Current Ascend Family

We have had an incredible experience with Ascend Learning. The team is knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, and supportive. Navigating the world with a child who struggled greatly with learning the alphabet and then trying to read was sad and disheartening. I felt beyond grateful to find Ascend Learning. They have been helping my son become a confident reader, he has shown great growth, and as a parent I feel relieved. In the past year my son was diagnosed with dyslexia and my son's tutor provided us with several tips on how to best help him in school. I feel less alone and my son loves his tutors! I am certain you will be happy with your experience at Ascend Learning and I wish you the best in your journey!

— Alex c.

Ascend Learning is truly the most amazing blessing for my child and family. We knew our child was dyslexic from kindergarten. We approached the school multiple times over the years to no avail. And finally we found someone who not only listened and address our concerns. Our son has been with Ascend since June 2017 and we have seen tremendous improvement. School once was hated but now he is starting to realize it was not school he hated. It is the system that failed him making learning so much more difficult than needed. Ascend not only has tutored our child improving his skills and confidence, the women have advised us on how to best advocate for our child. Ascend is invaluable! If your child needs help do not wait another minute, call Ascend!

— Tricia M.

By 3rd grade I knew there had to be a better way of learning for my oldest daughter. Her peers would spend 30 minutes on homework, while my daughter would spend a couple of hours. The thought of reading was so discouraging and frustrating to her. Her teachers continued telling us time and time again that she was fine, that she always met grade level by the end of the year. I am so grateful we found Ascend Learning! We had my daughter tested and confirmed she had dyslexia. After working with Ascend since April 2017, my daughter is reading and enjoying books! She is working on her studies independently and with confidence. Not only have they given our daughter support for her studies, but they have given support for our family as we navigate this new journey. We are so blessed to have them in our lives!

— Hope S.

Our son has worked with Ascend since he was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2nd grade. Becky has truly been a saving grace for our family, not only helping Finn "relearn" how to learn to read and process language-based input, but in educating our whole family about dyslexia and the complex, challenging, sometimes discouraging, and oftentimes enlightening, umbrella of the disorder/disability. And it is so nice for our son to have someone that he can connect with who has gone through the challenges of school with dyslexia...that is really priceless. Becky can understand in a way that one one else in our family can -- that connection is just so so wonderful. I could not recommend Becky or Ascend Learning enough if your child is struggling. We love her.

— Cecelia M.

Our experience with Ascend Learning has been amazing! Mikayla is wonderful to work with. She is patient, supportive, fun and my son adores her. With Mikayla's guidance he continues to become more confident and proficient in his reading and writing. Highly recommend!

— Robyn F.

"My son has been able to relate to Becky in a way that no one else could. The support and comradery that he gets with her is unparalleled.  I will sing praise for Becky at any given opportunity. If you have a struggling reader, even if you don't have a dyslexia diagnosis, PLEASE go see Becky. She is a miracle worker and has given both my son and myself hope for the future."

— Leah T.

Ascend Learning is incredible at supporting, teaching, and advocating for children!

— D.M.

I would 100% recommend Ascend Learning. They have done AMAZING things with both of our kids, and both have enjoyed reading so much more since starting to work with Becky.

— Gina u.