Writing Support

We offer writing support to students in person and online depending on your child's needs.

Our writing program is entirely individualized to each student we serve. Our writing sessions focus on:

Handwriting or Keyboarding

We use the Handwriting without Tears program and focus on either print, cursive, or keyboarding. This decision is largely up to the parents. By third grade, motor patterns are relatively set, so for students above the third grade we typically recommend the transition to cursive for handwriting. There is a great deal of research that supports the efficacy of teaching cursive specifically for struggling students.

However, recognizing that we are in a very digital age and that most written work will be completed on a keyboard we are also happy to begin teaching the necessary keyboarding skills.

Sentence Development

Step By Step Writing

We begin through a progression of simple sentences to complex and compound sentences and sentence variation to help writers make sure to hit all the key components of a strongly written sentence. We try to do this with fun activities in the place of boring worksheets that typically don't generalize.

Content Development & Text Organization

For older or more advanced students we work on thematic prompts to help students plan out their written work through a five-step process. We follow the same five step process for each new writing prompt so that it becomes ingrained and that students no longer have to focus on the organization of their written work and they can focus on their content and ideas.

Grammar & Mechanics

We use the COPS strategy to help teach students to self-monitor for capitals, organization, punctuation, and spelling. While we know that some students cannot self-correct their spelling, we do want them to begin to recognize the potential spelling errors within their spelling.