How to Organize Your Intervention Materials

How to Organize Your Intervention Materials

Organizing our intervention materials is the key to our success, right?

When I’m not prepped and ready – my instruction and delivery suffer. This week I'm going to share with you how I keep my intervention materials organized.

The Suggested Schedule Freebie that you downloaded last week is your road map. I keep this at the front of my lesson plan binder – always. With this, I have my groups organized with student names for A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 (A refers to below grade level readers, B is on-grade level, and C is above grade level). You may have more than one group within each level depending on your class size.

Next, I have my Instructor’s Manual of the curriculum I use for my lessons at my reading table, along with the copies I have made of the student workbook pages.

If you are in a 1:1 or small group intervention setting, I would suggest getting individual binders for each student. You can print a student workbook for each student and keep it in this binder. You will complete pages as you progress through the six syllable types. This binder will serve as a valuable resource as you progress through the year. Students can refer back to prior concepts and parents can see what is coming up in future months.

 Suggested Schedules

Making and managing 25 or so individual binders in the classroom could be a different story.

Some grade level teams prefer to send all of their copies for the student work books to their district print shop ahead of time so that they have them pre-made for the entire year.

Then, they go by a schedule that works for the curriculum you use. One reason I like the SMARTER Intervention curriculum that is that it allows you to introduce one phonogram per week and follows our SMARTER Intervention Scope and Sequence which will progress through the six syllable types (and correlating phonograms) in 30 lessons. This is great because one phonogram a week for thirty weeks equals the same number of weeks in a school year – perfect!

 Intervention Binder

This allows you to send home workbook pages daily for the week, or at the end of the week as you complete a phonogram study. In a classroom setting, this is more realistic than managing and storing 25 individual binders.

A number of our games can be played with any lesson, and I would suggest having those made and laminated prior to the start of the school year. I like to keep my games organized by syllable type so that I can easily find and pull games that hit the same targets we are currently focusing on!

Another great thing about the SMARTER Intervention lessons is that they all have a game that goes along with it to reinforce and practice the target phonogram!

Then of course, you need to make sure you have all of your necessary materials like pencils, highlighters, markers, and so much more in order to feel ready to go.

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