The World's Greatest Spelling Hack - Scoop Spelling

We are so excited to share this resource with you today! Scoop Spelling changed my life! This strategy brought such relief to my students who struggled to spell multi-syllable words correctly and instantly boosted their confidence! This strategy is so simple to use!

How to Scoop Spell

First, make sure that your students are solid on syllabication; what syllables are and how to count them. This knowledge is the key to Scoop Spelling. If a student knows or can hear how a word breaks apart into syllables, then they can Scoop Spell!

First, read the word to the student. If necessary, emphasize where the syllables break apart. Count how many syllables are in that word. Draw that same number of scoops.

Each scoop will hold a syllable. This relieves a lot of anxiety for our students because it signals them that they don’t have to tackle one, huge word. All they have to do is tap or sound out one small piece of it at a time. There is a lot less risk in sounding out one syllable at a time versus trying to sound out an entire multi-syllable word.

Once students have represented each syllable in each scoop you can blend the word together by reading through it entirely. As my students become more familiar with Scoop Spelling, I have them re-write the entire word (without the scoops and syllable breaks) below the scoop.

This week's freebie will help model Scoop Spelling for your students. I would suggest laminating this and keeping it handy for times when your students are stuck on how to spell a multi-syllable word.

I promise you, Scoop Spelling is going to change how your students attack multi-syllable words! Get ready to watch their confidence soar!

Kelly HooverComment