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Developing Early Literacy Using Storybook Companions

There are several components that need to come together for early readers and young students to be able to read and write effectively and efficiently. We absolutely LOVE using Storybook Companions. What are Storybook Companions you ask? These are targeted lessons that have fun reading activities and games that are created to align with common core standards and necessary foundational reading skills using some of our favorite books.

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How to Support Early Reading Skill Development

Teaching early reading skills relies on working from the most basic skills and activities that students need to learn to be successful in the classroom and building a slow and steady progression of sounds. We recognize that teaching letter sounds and beginning blending is truly only one aspect to learning to read but it’s absolutely critical.

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4 Ways to Build Your Child's Language Skills at Home

Students with expressive/receptive language disorders face a number of challenges in school. It is estimated that 1 in 20 students have some type of language disorder. These students are often working overtime to cope with their challenges and their struggle can go undetected or be misunderstood.

Language skills are at the heart of early literacy development and a key component to your child’s success in school.

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